Every year millions of plastic bottles end up dumped in landfills, accumulating and polluting the environment. At Moquetas Rols we want to contribute our bit and we have developed a collection of rugs in which recycled PET plastic bottles are the main component, providing a new life to discarded products. Our Nature Premium rugs are made from water resistant yarns and meet lightfastness, UV and abrasiveness tests to ensure optimal performance in all seasons of the year, making Nature Premium the perfect choice for areas such as patios, terraces or other outdoor areas.

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  • Sistema de fabricación Wilton
  • Superficie Pelo cortado y bucle
  • Composición de felpa 100% Poliamida reciclada
  • Peso felpa aprox. ± 1.550 g/m2
  • Peso total aprox. ± 2.450 g/m2
  • Altura de felpa ± 8,0 mm corte | ± 7,0 mm bucle
  • Altura total ± 10,0 mm corte | ± 9,0 mm bucle
  • Revés Yute y acabado látex
  • Ancho de fabricación 4 m